About 3 Nanas

Growing up in New Zealand has been one of life's greatest gifts to me. Nature's beauty and the bounty of Aoteoroa (Land of the Long White Cloud) have always inspired me.

Lifestyle and Family (Whanau) have been my source of creativity and connection.

Why "3 NANAS"?   For my Nana, Johanna Margaret, my Mother, Sylvia Margaret and for Me. I became surrogate Nana for the most adorable grandsons of my dearest sister, Daryl. Hudson Z, and Lucca both call me Nana.    

Whether it was making shortbread with my nana, or playing endlessly in her bag of buttons (I still have that bag!), or knitting, sewing, or gardening with my mother, it seems I was always making something.

And so it continues..

At the urging of friends, I began marketing my Shortbread over 20 years ago. Then 2 incredible children arrived in my life - and Nana's Shortbread ( which it was called at that time) took a hiatus. 2013 has been a year of change - website, packaging, & marketing.

Kiwi Kozys were created when my kids were little.  On  chilly winters nights, while tucking them into bed, I was reminded of the hot water bottles my mother and nana would give me to warm my bed as a child.  Friends loved them, and everyone wanted more.